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Mission Statement

Cenbion Medical Solutions' (CenMed) goal is to provide innovative, cost-effective inventory management solutions for our clients regardless of size of scope of the problem. 


CenMed’s Vision is to become the premiere inventory management company across all healthcare sectors by 2036.  


At CenMed, we understand that each client has unique needs that require unique solutions. Our team of professionals brings a vast array of experience to bear, with one goal in mind: finding the right solution for YOU.  

Why CenMed? 

A word best used to describe us: Nimble. At CenMed, we are not bound to a single company, product, or technology. This gives us not only the ability to easily pivot between vendors, but also allows for enhanced solution customization fit for your specific needs. What does this mean for you? The product you need created in a way that optimizes cost-containment.  

Track’s Keys To Success 

Data drives decisions. Track Inventory Management (TIM) by CenMed allows our clients to not only better understand the 5Ws: Who, What, When, Where and Why, but so much more. The data generated from TIM ultimately helps enhances efficiency, reduces waste, and ultimately increases margin.  

Inventory Management Solutions include (but are not limited to) 

Medical Devices/Hardware

In addition to geolocation, we monitor: 

Object temperature and ambient temperature 

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Track’s Keys To Success

In today's society, we track everything. We have access to the location of our ride-share drivers, our food delivery, and even when our baggage has been loaded and unloaded from airplanes. Everything in daily life is tracked.

But what about inventory?

Track Inventory Management by CenMed is a robust system is designed to identify where your valuable inventory and assets are, how they are used, when they are used, for what purpose, and so much more. Track reduces waste, improves efficiencies, and ultimately impacts the bottom line through better accuracy.

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The Possibilities Are Endless

Environmental monitoring does not have to be a time-consuming process. Nor do you have to risk millions of dollars, research projects, your patients’ safety, or your reputation because you don’t have the right solution in place. A combination of wireless sensors and a powerful cloud based monitoring platform.

Track Sensors connect to the Track Hub using Bluetooth low energy. Our Sensors are based on the CC2650 wireless MCU, offering 75% lower power consumption than many comparable Bluetooth low energy products. This allows the Track Sensors to be battery powered offering up to years of run time from a single coin cell battery.

Get rid of the manual process, remove human error, and eliminate the chance that you may not catch a dangerous environmental fluctuation in time.  Track sensors include monitoring of light, humidity, movement, object temperature, and ambient temperature.

Track Environment utilizes advanced technologies to provide an efficient, stable, and secure solution. Our turnkey system leverages your existing Wi-Fi network through a combination of wireless sensors and a powerful cloud based monitoring platform.

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